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Bin Dirty? Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Your local Domestic & Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company

Let us keep your wheelie bin Clean, Disinfected and Deodorised! We are fully insured and approved by Anglian Water with an Anglian Water Consent to Discharge Trade Effluent.

Our wheelie bin cleaning unit captures and re-uses approx. four hundred litres of water. Onboard filters recycle the water during the day and it is then disposed of at our Anglian Water Approved site.

There is no mess and no fuss – just Professional on-site Wheelie bin Cleaning, from as little as £5 a month per bin, based on a minimum of 6 consecutive cleans.

We can provide a one-off wheelie bin clean outside of the 4-weekly cycle at a cost of £15.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Norwich and Norfolk | Green Bin
Domestic Bin Cleaning Service

Domestic Bin Cleaning Service

Your whole wheelie bin is lifted into our cleaning unit, where the entire wheelie bin is cleaned, inside and out.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning | Bin Dirty? Van
Commercial Bin Cleaning Service

Commercial Bin Cleaning Service

Using our purpose built cleaning unit, we wash, disinfect and deodorise your commercial wheelie bin on-site.

Commercial Bin Cleaning